How Do You Measure Up?

Practice performance reviews are a primary way to measure productivity and ensure high-quality performance. Physicians need to regularly and thoroughly evaluate their practice's performance. Allow Medusind to perform a complimentary and confidential practice performance review. We will proficiently and thoroughly evaluate and benchmark your practice against national benchmarks and offer our projections and suggestions. This analysis will provide your practice with an experienced third party perspective of your current practice and assist you with future decisions to enhance its performance.

Whether you currently manage your own practice or utilize another practice management entity, it is essential that physicians know that their billing service is diligent in its pursuit of their revenue and that their resources are focused and yield results.

If you currently perform your billing in-house, Medusind has economies of scale that can make a dramatic improvement in your practice’s performance.

If you currently outsource your billing, our experience shows that we outperform the competition and can improve revenue, reduce accounts receivable and bad debt.

In connection with our interest in providing a performance review, we will need to obtain certain information about your operations, which we acknowledge to be confidential, proprietary, and otherwise not generally available to the public. Medusind will protect and hold in confidence all confidential information disclosed to us and will use such confidential information exclusively for the purpose of evaluation. Medusind places a high value on the exchange of confidential information and to that extent will offer a confidentiality agreement.

Practice Reviews